So You're Playing Tierney's Tavern . . .

I. Check Date and Time and Cover Charge on Tierney's Tavern Music Calendar

  • Unless confirmed with Jim Tierney, Standard Gig Time At Tierney's is 10pm - 1am
  • Is your gig time different? No cover charge listed? Let Tierney's website know:

II. Your Band's Link is not on Tierney's website ? Give A Link Get A Link

  • It's called a Reciprocating Link. In order to link to your band/event, there needs to be an active link to on your website/MySpace/Facebook etc. That's what makes the web go around!

III. Add a Reciprocating Link

  • MySpace:
    1. Login to your Myspace account and click Add Event
    2. After populating all necessary info (date, time, location address etc.) scroll down and click "Add More Details"
    3. A box labeled "Description" will appear, enter the following text: <a href=""></a>
    4. Click the "Save" button
    5. Review your MySpace Event to see that appears as a link
    6. Extra Credit: Want to add a photo of Tierney's Tavern to your event? Use this one:

  • Facebook
    1. Login to your Facebook account and click "Events", then click "+Create An Event" button
    2. After populating all necessary When, What, Where info (date, time, location address etc.) scroll down and click "More Info?" box
    3. In the "More Info?" box enter:
    4. Click the "Create Event" button
    5. Review your Facebook Event to see that appears as a link in the "More Info"
    6. *** Remember *** Make your Facebook Events/Posters etc. available to the Public (for more info on this, see this article, and this article).

  • Adding a link in your non-Myspace, non-Facebook Website
    1. By adding the following HTML <a href=""></a> you will be providing a link to Tierney's Tavern on your webpage

IV. Send the http address of your band/event linking to Tierney's Tavern webmaster:

  • Tierney's website will provide a reciprocating link to your band/event as well.

You you don't have to be a webmaster to do this stuff.
You just need to be more familiar with Facebook and Myspace. You're not the only band dealing with this.

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: 2011-03-23